The Hounds Town Evaluation Process

Aug 16, 2018

One of our requirements before using our services at Hounds Town is that you bring your pup into our facility for a brief evaluation so we can get a better understanding of their personality and determine which play group is the best fit. Naturally, some new families are worried that their dog won’t pass, possibly because they’re very shy or just due to their own test anxiety.

Today we’re giving you an exclusive look into how we evaluate dogs for all-day play at Hounds Town!

Getting Started

The evaluation process sounds like a big grandiose affair, but it’s actually pretty simple. A trained member of the staff will introduce your dog to one of our resident dogs to ensure that they’re ready to play and they’re a good fit for our interactive environment. This only takes a few minutes; we just want to ensure they don’t show any overt signs of aggression. 

If you’re even remotely worried about your dog’s performance, you’ll discover right away that Hounds Town is a unique dog daycare facility. We don’t necessarily turn dogs away if their introduction goes poorly. In fact, we’ve had a lot of success with nervous and shy dogs. Our natural pack environment can build their confidence and teach them more appropriate dog-related behaviors.

Having Fun in the Pack

When your dog makes the grade and is accepted into the Hounds Town pack, we’ll place them in a play group with dogs like them. We have many different packs across the doggy spectrum. For example, we have a puppy group full of puppies as young as four months that are always busy being crazy, energetic puppies. Another group you’ll find is made up of older dogs who are much more laid back.

We keep the groups small so that your dog isn’t overwhelmed and has a chance to really get to know each member of their new pack. Since we match dogs to a group by size, temperament, energy level and play style, it doesn’t take long for them to feel at home. Even the shyest dogs tend to start coming out of their shells within a few visits!

Bully Breed Owners, Please Note

We have a special rule when it comes to bully breeds and other dogs that have been targeted by breed-specific legislation. That is, that every staff member is to treat those dogs just like the goofy Labradors and the high-strung Chihuahuas.

At Hounds Town, dogs that have been labeled as “troublesome” by the general public aren’t a problem as long as they’re social. We love your bully breeds as much as you do! If you’ve been considering daycare, please give us a call so we can talk about whether or not our facility is the right fit for your pup. Unlike most facilities, Hounds Town welcomes all dog breeds.

Can Disabled Dogs Go to Doggie Daycare?

Hey, tripods and wheelie dogs need friends, too! We’re thrilled to place your fighter in a group that’s perfect for their ability and energy level. Even if they just want to hang out and watch the other dogs, it’s a good way for them to get out of the house and interact with their own kind on the regular. The more comfortable they get, the more they’ll interact and play with the others.

Hounds Town can be a life-changing opportunity for dogs that have been through the wringer and came out the other side with a decent attitude. Meeting other dogs, running around getting lots of exercise, all of these things are good for a dog’s psychological and physical well-being. That’s why we’re here – We do it for the dogs!