The Importance of Establishing a Routine for Your Dog

May 22, 2023


The Importance of Establishing a Routine for Your Dog

Summer is fast approaching, and while humans may look forward to taking a break from their routine and relaxing, it’s not quite the same for our canine companions.

That’s because dogs are creatures of habit and find comfort in following a regular schedule. Here are some benefits of establishing a routine for your dog:


Dogs Like Predictability

Dogs, like humans, enjoy predictability and thrive on routines. Establishing a routine provides a sense of structure and stability for your furry companion. When your dog knows what to expect, they feel more at ease, less stressed, and relaxed. They become familiar with their daily activities and anticipate them, making them more receptive to training and less prone to behavioral issues.


Avoiding Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social creatures and love spending time with their owners. However, when left alone for extended periods, they can develop separation anxiety, which may lead to destructive behaviors, excessive barking, and other undesirable outcomes. Setting a schedule can help prevent separation anxiety by providing your dog with a sense of security and predictability when you’re not at home. By following a consistent routine, your dog will know when to expect your return, which can help reduce their anxiety.


Keeping Your Dog Busy During the Day

A majority of dogs will spend most of the day sleeping while you are away from home. However, they can easily get bored. You can help keep your pup occupied with fun, mentally stimulating activities, such as chewy bones, puzzle toys, or even leaving some music on. If your dog still seems to have a problem being alone, consider doggy daycare to keep them engaged and socialized.


Explore Doggy Daycare at Hounds Town

Doggy daycare at Hounds Town can be the best part of your pup’s routine. Dog daycare not only helps provide dogs with structure, but also familiarizes them with different experiences in a safe environment. In our experience, dogs who attend daycare 3-4 times a week see the most benefits from routine and socialization. Our pups wake up excited to spend all day playing with their friends, plus pet parents love that their dogs come home with a Hounds Town hangover, exhausted from a full day of fun!


Learn more about doggy daycare opportunities at Hounds Town.