What is Dog Daycare?

Jul 27, 2018

You’ll never forget the first day. You were so nervous–you didn’t know what to expect, even as he bounded out of the car and toward the door. Normally, he was so full of curiosity, checking out everything, but Max’s energy and enthusiasm today was electrifying.  Today your Max was about to enter a whole new world, one where he could just be himself and make new friends.

Looking back, you know you’ll never forget that day: the day your golden retriever started dog daycare.

For the First Time Parents: What Happens at Dog Daycare?

When your dog comes to daycare, it’s anything but a boring experience. He’s not shut into a tiny cage where all he can do is lay down and stare sadly at techs as they walk back and forth, caring for other animals. Instead, he’s put into a natural pack environment, with lots of room to move. Max makes friends at dog daycare, which is great for his mental and physical health.

At Hounds Town, we can give him his medication, group him with dogs that have compatible personalities and place him in a structured pack so he can play his heart out! None of it’s extra, it’s just part of the care we offer for each and every dog that comes through the doors.

Your dog will probably be really tired after his first few days at daycare, since the environment is very different from home and there are lots of new smells to smell and friends to meet. That’s why we start slow, introducing him to a few dogs his own size and with a similar personality. If he gets too overwhelmed and needs a nap, we’ll set him up in a private suite or he can snooze on the kuranda beds in the main playroom.

It’s a party every day at Hounds Town!

A Few Basic Requirements for Newbies

Before you bring your dog to daycare, we do have some requirements that will make his visit (and the visits of the other dogs, too!) a howlin’ good time. Be ready for us to ask you for the following items on or before your first visit:

A Hounds Town Evaluation. Don’t worry, this is a test that’s hard to fail! By evaluating your dog’s personality and the way he interacts with other dogs, we can choose the most appropriate playgroup for him. Is he a great big marshmallow or a little fireball? Does he like to play with lots of dogs or just one at a time? These are the kinds of questions we’re looking to answer. We don’t breed discriminate, everybody’s on a level playing field at Hounds Town.

Up to Date Vaccinations. Every single dog that comes through our doors is required to be up to date on their rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccines. If Max just got his shots, please wait a week before you come in so we can be sure he hasn’t accidentally picked up a bug while at the vet.

Spay or Neuter. Sure, your dog is pretty wonderful and they light up your life, but that doesn’t mean they need to be a parent. If they’re coming to daycare, they’ll need to be spayed or neutered by the time they reach the age of six months. We don’t want any accidental puppies, you probably don’t either!

Leash and Collar. Even though our dog daycare is full of fun places for your dog to run, we need to make sure we can get him through areas that aren’t as much fun when necessary. We also need him to stay controlled while he’s waiting to check in or go home. Please bring him in on a leash with a collar or harness. It’s also a good idea to keep tags on that collar.

Heading Home from Hounds Town

After Max’s first visit to Hounds Town, he’ll probably be pretty bushed. This is going to be one of those nights where he gets some epic sleep. He’ll get used to the extra activity and interaction over time — he may even get to know your schedule and beg for you to take him to daycare sooner on the mornings that he comes in!

At Hounds Town, we treat your dog like he’s one of our own. You won’t find us charging extra for belly rubs or treats, that’s just something every dog needs during their busy day.

Max will be excited to see his pals at Hounds Town, every single time he comes in. We have some of the best dogs around because we understand what they need and give it to them. It’s a dog’s life, what can we say?

Our Bergen County facility is almost open! We can barely wait to meet your dog! For now,. check out our website for updates and rates.