4 Benefits of Dog Daycare for Your Dog at Every Age

Aug 21, 2018

Having a dog means having to regularly reassess their needs as they age almost before your eyes. The springy puppy that ate the bath mat soon grows into a solid adult, just like that responsible adult sports a salt and pepper muzzle far too soon and begins to slow down.

Doggie daycare is an incredible opportunity for dogs in their middling years, but did you know there’s something for dogs of every age and ability level at Hounds Town?  

Doggie Daycare Without Limits

Hounds Town has playgroups for dogs of every age, size and ability level. We’ve never seen a social dog that didn’t get something out of daycare — even shy dogs can not only benefit but thrive from regular daycare. Doggie daycare is an excellent way to enrich your dog’s life, especially if he comes to see us while you’re at work or otherwise not able to give him your attention.

How does daycare help dogs of different ages? We’re glad you asked!

Pups: Learning the Ropes

The young crowd is full of energy and can be pretty socially awkward, just like any other kiddo. For them, playtime is also social time — they’re learning how to behave around other dogs and having a lot of fun doing it. We always monitor the playgroups to ensure that rough play doesn’t go too far — there’s no reason to worry that a doggie faux pas will become a dramatic teenage blow up! At this age, rough play and interaction is common as dogs play with their mouths and paws. 

Adults: Exercise and Peace of Mind

If your dog has been with us since he was a puppy, he may grow up with his playgroup. That’s a really incredible thing for him socially. But even if he comes in later, he can get a lot from doggie daycare. Not only does the activity help keep him in great physical shape, he won’t be hanging around the house bored enough to shred the sofa cushion.

Adult dogs with anxiety who are dog friendly may be able to learn new ways of dealing with it while at daycare. For example, just like with people, exercise can help reduce anxiety both by increasing the levels of feel-good hormones in a dog’s brain and by focusing his mind elsewhere.

Seniors: Plenty of Vigor Left

You may be inclined to pull your dog from daycare as he gets older, but plenty of senior dogs visit us every day. It’s not unusual to see 10 year olds running around like puppies — at least in fits and spurts. For older dogs, conditions like arthritis can be much easier to bear with regular exercise. Seniors who stay active are usually also the ones that stay healthier for longer and live very full lives.

Disabled Dogs: You’d Never Know

We have one additional special category of dogs that you might not find at other doggie daycares: dogs with disabilities. Even a disabled dog is still a dog and wants to spend time with other dogs in a natural pack atmosphere. Instead of pushing your blind, deaf or otherwise disabled dog into a life that’s filled with isolation from their own kind, they can come down to Hounds Town and enjoy safe play with other dogs.

Depending on your dog’s particular disability, the exercise may be an important part of their recovery. We’ve had amputees at our facility who would run and play just as hard as any of their intact peers. For disabled dogs, doggie daycare is a safe way to make friends. After all, we’re constantly watching out for them.

Hounds Town Bergen County: Your Dog is Welcome!

Bergen County, New Jersey, is now a Hounds Town hotspot! Bring your pupper down for a visit or leave him with us over night so you can go out of town without worry. Big or small, bully or poodle, we welcome all social dogs! Call us today at 973-773-DOGS or visit our website for more information!