February Break Doggie GoPro Contest!

Feb 06, 2017

Doggy Daycare Hounds Town Ronkonkoma Launches Contest to Select Dogs to Wear GoPro Cameras in Playrooms.

Have you ever wondered what your dog experiences during his stay at Hounds Town USA? What’s it like to be 2 feet off the ground, running around like a nut with all your friends at doggy daycare?! Only your pooch knows. Hounds Town Ronkonkoma is launching a contest to choose 5 lucky pups to wear a doggie GoPro camera for a day during Winter break to give their families an idea of all the fun they’re having. While you’re hitting the slopes, your pups will be hitting the doggy daycare playrooms for some good old fashioned butt sniffing and wrestling. Who says the humans have more fun?!

If your dog will be at Hounds Town Ronkonkoma for either boarding or daycare between Saturday, February 18th and Friday, February 24th, you’re eligible to enter. To enter the contest, submit a video of your dog getting excited to come to Hounds Town OR post a photo and reason why your dog LOVES Hounds Town. Make submissions by posting them to the Hounds Town Ronkonkoma Facebook page, or by emailing them to [email protected]. Submissions must be received by Thursday, February 16th. Boarding customers must have boarding reservations (no daycare reservations required). Winners will receive 50% off ANY grooming service, valid for 12 months. Let’s see those pics and videos!

For more information about Hounds Town USA, visit www.houndstownusa.com.