Hounds Town Farmingdale Owner’s Dog Walks Her Down the Aisle

Oct 21, 2016

When Hounds Town Farmingdale owner Candice married her fiancé Andrew, there was no doubt who the best man would be and who would be walking Candice down the aisle: 14-year-old pit/pointer mix Prince.

“He’s my old boy,” says Candice. “He has heart disease now.” It’s impressive that the 14-year-old dog is still with us. “He had a tumor four years ago that was a cancer scare but it ended up being benign, then two years ago he had to have foreign object removal surgery that almost killed him,” she adds. “Doctors didn’t think he’d make it through the night. Then last year his kidneys failed because of all the water pills he was on for his heart, he was in the hospital and they believed he would die then.”

A year ago, doctors told Candice that Prince would only live a few more months and today, he’s better then ever. “You’d never know he was 14!,” says Candice

What has helped Prince stay young is his new sister: 2-year-old Siberian husky Princess, adopted from Northern Exposure Siberian Husky Rescue. “Prince, who everyone refers to as the ‘grumpy old man of the house,’ is used to always having his way and being the spoiled one,” explains Candice. “He now shares his life with his new sister. Ever since Princess has come around she has been keeping him young, to the point where he will even run around the back yard with her. Princess being the young girl she is wants to play all day long, even when Prince is trying to take a nap!”

Candice has worked at Hounds Town since 2013. In 2015, she purchased Hounds Town Farmingdale with former customer Maria Gillen and fellow employee Jennifer Josephine.