Local Doggie Daycare a Safe Haven for Dogs in Need

Nov 28, 2018


Doggie Daycare Hounds Town Bergen Kicks of Holiday Season by Giving Back

Before opening their 8,000 square foot doggie daycare, overnight dog boarding, cat boarding, grooming, and retail pet care facility in September, owners Steve Garibell and Anthony Mitchell knew they wanted their business to play a significant role in the lives of the dogs in need in their community. From Day 1, the duo have dedicated space for dogs from the Bergen County Animal Shelter, even partnering up with the shelter to host 8 dogs for a weekend stay. “For these dogs to get out of the shelter for even a few hours and get the opportunity to socialize in a play group is very beneficial for them,” explains Mitchell. “As the shelter’s partner, we can help assess the dogs’ behavior and temperaments, which increases the dogs’ chances of getting adopted and remaining in the right home.”

One pup named Jack landed a permanent home right with Team Bergen, who couldn’t part with the little beagle from the shelter after his weekend stay at Hounds Town. “Our story starts with Jack. He stole the hearts of Team Bergen and made his way to be the Mayor. We also take dogs for daycare days to help break them out of the shelter mentality and get adopted,” says Garibell.

In addition running their business for regular doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming customers in Bergen County, Hounds Town – Bergen has focused heavily on acclimating nearly two dozen dogs from the shelter into their interactive environment in their few short months. Many of these dogs have been adopted, and some are still waiting for a new home while staying at the pet care facility. Here are just some of the pups the doggie daycare in Bergen County has helped:

Krypto (JUST ADOPTED!): Krypto is a 6 year old Siberian Husky German Shepherd mix. He was surrendered to the shelter when his owner was deployed. He is working on getting used to other dogs. He was just recently adopted by a wonderful family. The Bergen County Animal Shelter says: “Thank you to the hard working staff at Hounds Town – Bergen, Krypto had an amazing time and learned some valuable life lessons that transformed his behavior. Now he can experience a whole new world in a sweet and loving home.”

Derek (JUST ADOPTED!): Derek is a 9 month old Shephard lab mix. He was surrendered to the shelter because he got “too big.” “Derek was just adopted by one of our customers! He loves playing with all of our residents and is in love with all of our customers, and we are so thrilled to now have him as a regular here at Hounds Town,” says Garibell.

Titan (NEEDS A HOME): When Titan’s owner passed away, he ended up in the shelter. Luckily, the Bergen team was able to take him and he is currently spending his days playing with the other pups and getting lots of love from the staff (he even gives hugs!). Titan is 5 years old.

To adopt one of these cuties, contact Hounds Town – Bergen by clicking the link or calling 973-773-DOGS. If you’re looking for fully interactive doggie daycare in Bergen County, overnight dog boarding, cat boarding, or grooming, the pet care facility offers a free evaluation and discounted play packages.