Hounds Town Doggy Day Care in Bergen County is the Place to Be if You’re a Dog

Apr 04, 2019

Things are barking in Bergen! Hounds Town USA opened a fully interactive doggie day care in Bergen County, New Jersey in September 2018. New owners Steve and Anthony finally had a chance to sit down with HT founder Michael Gould and President Jackie Bondanza to talk dogs, chocolate ice cream, and transparency in the latest episode of HTTV.

Here’s a quick summary of what they believe makes Hounds Town the best doggie day care in Bergen.

Big Open Play Facility

Hounds Town Bergen is a big, beautiful 8,000 square-foot facility with an open layout. The dogs love having the space to run around freely with their friends. That means no cages, no separation from friends, and no loneliness or isolation while you’re at work!

Thought-Out Play Groups

One of the secrets of Hounds Town’s success is its unique behavioral grouping model. Dogs are not divided into big and small groups like most boarding facilities. The traits of each dog—from size and age to energy level and personality—are considered before they are placed in their pack of furry friends.

No Breed Discrimination

Unlike other dog day cares, Hounds Town does not discriminate against dog breeds. Whether you have a large dog, a pit bull mix, a senior dog, or a dog with disabilities, the Hounds Town Bergen staff can accommodate. Steve, Anthony, and all team members have been trained in founder Michael Gould’s proven canine management methods. No other dog day care has this level of expertise which is why so many facilities can’t accommodate dogs with special needs.

No Collars!

Pups are naturally pack animals, and dogs will be at their happiest in a natural environment. Playing in packs and taking off their collars lets dogs feel like dogs. It’s part of the reason Hounds Town dogs are the happiest dogs on the planet!

No Hidden Costs or Up-Charges

Charging extra for belly rubs? Higher fees for one-on-one play time? Um, thanks, but no thanks. All dogs deserve to be loved, and Hounds Town will not “nickel and dime” customers for special treatment. All costs are transparent, so you won’t see extra fees or up-charges on your bill.

Psychological AND Physical Benefits

Just like kids need to interact with other kids, dogs need to be with dogs! Socializing in a pack environment and playing together is a key component to your dog’s happiness. Playing all day also means your dog will get a ton of exercise and come home happy and tired!

So if you think of your dog as a member of the family, then be sure and check out Hounds Town Bergen! Steve and Anthony will give you a free assessment of your dog to see if he or she would be a good fit. Follow them and all the Bergen pups on Facebook and Instagram too!